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AGF Studio
Each collection tells a story that is unique to its own mood and palette. Whether you enjoy the style of exotic, eclectic prints or something more innocent and sweet, you can always find that fabric that compliments your personality. These are the collections designed by the AGF In-House Studio.
Abloom Fusion
Bachelorette Fusion
Boho Fusion
CAPSULES - Campsite
CAPSULES - Le Vintage Chic
CAPSULES - Letters
CAPSULES - Lower the Volume
CAPSULES - Mad Plaid
CAPSULES - Raise the Volume
CAPSULES - Take Shape
City Loft Fusion
Ethereal Fusion
Floral Elements
Floralia Fusion
Heart Melodies
Joyful Fusion
Lace Elements
Nature Elements
Oval Elements
Pastel Thrift
Playing Pop
Printemps Fusion
Priory Square by Katy Jones
Prisma Elements
Prisma Elements
Pure Elements
Pure Elements
Pure Elements
Reverie Fusion
Round Elements
SOLIDS - Knits & Rayon
Sparkler Fusion
Spices Fusion
Splendid Fusion
Squared Elements
Squared Elements
Urban Mod
Woodlands Fusion