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Limited Edition
by April Rhodes
AGF Limited Edition will have, on rotation, a team of talented and diverse designers doing one-time collaborations, each designing compact fabric collections that are beautiful, smart and effortless to use! They are, as the name implies, limited edition lines, so they will be printed only once. The goal of this project is to embrace a new generation of modern sewers with a love for versatility and creativity. Developed with these concepts in mind, each of the 8 prints in each line are versatile enough to be used on apparel, accessories, home dec. or quilting. We love to call this “fabrics with purpose” Our first designers are celebrities in their own field and are very well recognized in the industry! They are Sara Lawson, Caroline Hulse and April Rhodes.
Filled with creamy cones in vibrant colors, candy dots, playful hand lettering, and plenty of geometric shapes, you’re guaranteed to be screaming for ice cream. Just pick your flavor and "eat it all"!
Amy’s love for books, not only for the stories, the wonderful words, and the faraway places, but in the look of the book themselves, was her inspiration for this Limited Edition collection. The art within, the covers and the gorgeous end papers are the essence of Paperie, which was written on fabric with romantic shades of pink, subtle greys and a hint of royal blue.
Set free the creative explorer within. To be Wild & Free is to let your hair down, kick off your shoes, and lose yourself in an adventure close to home. An indigo night sky and cinnamon earth are highlighted with patterns that are organic and robust.
Priory Square is Katy Jones’ personal story of her upbringing and life in England. With an edgy palette, a classic crème and navy are set against potent varieties of pinks and emerald blues that jump. A collection layered by scenic surprises and narrated with a British accent.
The fantasy of a traveling desert nomad is etched with shades of gold and peach against a dusty sky. Motifs of arrowheads and bones lay against the clay and sienna colored textures, evoking a graceful snapshot of the southwestern spirit.